The Final Countdown to Moving D Day

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Well this is it, we are finally in a single digit countdown to the move and yes it nearly killed us but we survived and now it is time to do some all of the things that have been on hold for the move and maybe squeeze in some family time (just because it’s apparently Christmas). On Christmas Day I will finally be able to unveil this blog to Nikki , Jayden and Elliott as I have been building it up hopefully making it what I think is an awesome Christmas present if I do say so myself; it represents a voice for all of us as individuals on one of the biggest life changes we will do together as a family, a way of updating all of our friends and family, oh and it’s a way of keeping a note of what we hope will be an amazing adventure.


The Removal Van


 So this week we hit some pretty big milestones, first we had the removal van pick up all of our belonging en-route to Gibraltar as we speak. It feels like we have been preparing for this for years with everything hanging on “when was the latest we could give up our belonging”, “how quick could we get them back” but also watching our study become engulfed with boxes representing our cubic meter allocation for the removal van! I have to admit 99% of all of this move has been done by Nikki and l have swooped in (in true man style) when the jobs nearly done to see if there is anything I could do. From the 1% I actually did I can tell you it wasn’t easy, the eye opener for me was when I went to open a beer and realised my bottle opener was by this time somewhere in Paris in the back of a removal van!!! Stupidly I forgot to take photos of our mad box organisation skillz (justifies the “Z”), it was a thing of beauty and the removal guy even said it was the best job he had ever seen! So we couldn’t of done as bad as we thought. Now in between decorating, packing stuff for storage and getting a new carpet fitted, OH AND still working! I will be flying over to Gibraltar for the day to meet the removal van and get our stuff in the house and semi unpack/sorted ready for our arrival on the 30th.


Jayden & Elliott’s Last Day at School


Unfortunately I missed this but the boys school has been fantastic, we have never had any problems with the school and the boys have flourished since being there. It’s one of the hardest things to consider when thinking about leaving the UK as they are so settled and they are excelling at everything they do.  Last week Jayden got the opportunity to play his electric guitar in front of the whole school smashing out some Jimi Hendrix, watching him amaze 200 children brought me to tears at the thought of the move.  And Elliott had his first parents evening where the teacher was so proud of him being the top of his class and him being confident enough to teach other children – enough to make his teach well up at the thought of him leaving 🙁


On the final day the boys came out with these amazing books created by the school, Jayden’s year had made this amazing 30 page book personalised with all of the things that make Jayden, Jayden! Each page had 2 smaller cards stuck to each page which had been made by each of his friends. It was nothing short of amazing and definitely another tear jerker as each page demonstrated the young man that Jayden is to the world and his friends and what the impacts of Jayden leaving has on them. I am going to see if we can find a nice way to upload the book in all its glory so you can see how much effort each child put into this book.   Elliott’s card, of course had to have a very expensive sport car on the front of it and each of his friends had written their name inside, again it was just as amazing that 4/5 year old children could and wanted to put in so much effort for the boys.  For me I took out two things 1) Immense pride that our boys can stand on their own, they are they are their own people, making their own friends, having their own “In Jokes” and being just as amazing to the world as they are too us! And 2) It’s all going to be alright, yes my first reaction was to think “Carl! What the hell are you doing pulling your kids away from their best friends” but then with clarity it isn’t just me that wants to do this move and the boys are just as excited as me, if not 10 X more! What it showed me is they have the enchanting power to draw people towards them and make amazing friends quickly, this is never a negative the boys will make more friends, and we will be back in the UK regular to meet our old friends.


The Final Day at Work 


I can honestly say work has taken every bit of blood from me possible just to get the most before I leave however I don’t know how much of this is self inflicted, as I remember having to get pushed out of the door on my last day at Thomas Cook 🙂  It’s been a blast but a roller coaster of emotions I must say but I did have the chance to work with some of the greatest marketers yet! I have spent the last three months in blissful ignorance and I didn’t think that leaving would effect me until one of my team brought me a present and a card, it wasn’t so much the present (although I will be enjoying an amazing bottle of Champagne) but the message within it; it made me realise what I had achieved and who I have become over the last 3/4 years of my career, I never thought I could be a good manager but what I learnt very quickly was being a manager was easy it was being a good leader that was hard! Anyway enough of my waffle!!! As I am writing this I am stuck on a train that has broken down 3 times already and my previous train was cancelled as someone had been hit by a train so my mind was left a bit idle.


All in all the next 9 or so days are going to be unforgiving but I cannot hope enough that this will all be worth it in the end and it turns out to be everything we want it to be! We wish you all a great Christmas and the next post you will be reading will be hopefully written by someone other than myself!

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