The ultimate moving abroad checklist: being organised is key

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They say that moving home is one of the most stressful life experiences you will ever experience. Well, the Hallams have never been known for doing things by halves, so we thought we would add in moving to a new country for good measure! HAHA. And that’s where the idea came from for our ultimate moving abroad checklist.

I don’t think we walked into this situation blindly. We had fallen in love with Gibraltar; with its beautiful weather, stunning beaches, its quaint 1970s British village feel combined with city amenities, and all with the Spanish culture undertones that make the country so unique. And, obviously, I can’t lie, the tax benefits also played a huge part 😉 So, as soon as we thought that moving was even a small possibility, we booked another flight six weeks later to feel the place out from a living point of view. We wanted to find out what our money get us when it came to accommodation, what  the schools were like in the area, and what the process of schooling was. Accidentally we ended up falling in love with a property on this trip and by luck, miracle or fate, we ended up getting our dream property.

So after we returned, we decided that we were going to try and look for work. Two weeks later I got a call from a company, I was flown over the next week and offered the job the next day! So now it is really happening – my notice went in and we had my three-month notice period as our countdown clock.  As soon as this happened it was like someone pulled a cork from our brains and all of the things that had to come together for us to move successfully came to the front of our minds, and all had to be done now! STOP!!! This is no different to a work environment, people throw a million and one tasks at you and they all have to be done in order to get to your end goal so why is this anything different??  So that’s when our project management board got built and the moving abroad checklist was born. This helped us to focus on what had to be done in the short term, in the next few weeks and what was so far off that we shouldn’t even be thinking about it!  This didn’t just help us get to our end goal but also helped us sleep, as soon as something rushed into our head we would write up a card and put it on the board (it really does work!)

So for our ultimate moving abroad checklist

Before you do your checklists

1 – STOP DOING: Sit down and brainstorm everything that needs to happen before you move (don’t worry if you don’t have every single detail, these can be added later, but you do need a good starting block.)

2 – PLAN: Figure out what is your timescale is until your move and then break the tasks out in to short, medium and long term.

3 – ACTION: Make sure when you make your cards so that they are actionable and you feel that you’re making progress

ACCEPTABLE = Paint main bedroom     NOT ACCEPTABLE = Paint all rooms

4 – CHECK IN: Make sure you sit down once a week with everyone to see what tasks have been taken off your checklist and what are the tasks that need to be done this week.  It will give everyone a regular pat on the back and keeps everyone feeling like they really are moving somewhere.

Checklist for Moving Country




Today marks the death of our ultimate #todolist for our move to #gibraltar #excited #movingday #packyourbags #projectmanagement

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