Leaving the job that you love… this is what I had to do today

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My first entry on here and it’s a tough one for me.

 Today was my last day at work. yes it’s Boxing Day, and I actually didn’t have to be in today but me being me , knowing that the 26th was 4 days before our huge move, I decided to change the rotas so I could be there for one last shift… SAD, everyone is thinking reading this, but it’s true, I loved my job!!!

How do I feel?

Like a huge part of me has been ripped away…I truly do.. as exciting as this moment should be for the fact that it really is the start of a new adventure and journey for us, and that this was the end of one of my ties to the UK, I was more than happy with everything how it was and working where I was it was a huge part of me. 

I have been with the same company now for 12 years, left my previous branch and started at my home town branch a year and a half ago.. previously working with my lovely manageress at my old branch, then coming to this store, it felt like home straight away. 

Our customers, our store, my colleagues,  the fun and giggles, our chats, our hugs when someone needs one, oh and how am I going to cope with not writing another report hahaha.. yes reports for retail, a lot more goes into retail than what a lot of people think.. but back to the point now, it’s all gone, over with.. just a memory… 

Not only just leaving everyone who I love at work, worries come with me leaving aswell. I have no idea what I’m going to be doing when we reach Gibraltar. 

The school hours are different towards the summer leaving me with no hours in the day shift wise; yes there is child care available that we still need to look into when our boys are settled into their schools, but I have never left my boys with anyone other than my mum, and she’s not there…. no one is… Who am I going to feel that I can trust to look after my precious children? It’s just us.. Carl working his new job, our boys (hopefully settled down in there school) and me… What am I meant to do?? I find running through my head… but it’s a question I can’t answer till I’m there. We shall see..

 I loved my job, the girls that I worked with, we were a team, they were my close friends..and today I found myself handing over my keys, locking up for the last time and walking away. 

I found a quote a while ago ” Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments in your life. Keep the faith and it will all be worth it in the end “

Today is a hard day, and I’m trying my hardest to concentrate on the ‘worth it all in the end’.. 

4 days to go…


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