Leaving the job that you love… this is what I had to do today


My first entry on here and it’s a tough one for me.

 Today was my last day at work. yes it’s Boxing Day, and I actually didn’t have to be in today but me being me , knowing that the 26th was 4 days before our huge move, I decided to change the rotas so I could be there for one last shift… SAD, everyone is thinking reading this, but it’s true, I loved my job!!!

The Final Countdown to Moving D Day

Well this is it, we are finally in a single digit countdown to the move and yes it nearly killed us but we survived and now it is time to do some all of the things that have been on hold for the move and maybe squeeze in some family time (just because it’s apparently Christmas). On Christmas Day I will finally be able to unveil this blog to Nikki , Jayden and Elliott as I have been building it up hopefully making it what I think is an awesome Christmas present if I do say so myself; it represents a voice for all of us as individuals on one of the biggest life changes we will do together as a family, a way of updating all of our friends and family, oh and it’s a way of keeping a note of what we hope will be an amazing adventure.

How much does it ACTUALLY cost to move abroad?

Where do I start!?!?! I can tell you now this post is not what I expected it to be and as soon as I started typing I realised that the cost of moving abroad was a lot higher than I had originally thought.

Taking Pets Abroad: Don’t forget your pet passports

So you’ve checked that everyone’s passports are in date and all of your visas are sorted and then it hits you, an important part of the family hasn’t got one yet! When it came time for us to sort out Bella, Bear and Puss in Boot’s UK/EU pet passports, I can honestly say it was the most confusing process ever! The GOV website was useless and confusing and the vets told me three different stories!  So, if you are moving within EU from the UK with your cat, dog or ferret (same rules apply) then I thought it would be useful to share what you need, where you can get it from, how long it takes and the costs involved.

The ultimate moving abroad checklist: being organised is key

They say that moving home is one of the most stressful life experiences you will ever experience. Well, the Hallams have never been known for doing things by halves, so we thought we would add in moving to a new country for good measure! HAHA. And that’s where the idea came from for our ultimate moving abroad checklist.