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The Hallams – Family Move Abroad

Hello, we are The Hallam family – two parents, two boys and three cats (Bella, Bear and Puss In Boots). I’m Carl – married to Nikki (Mrs. Hallam) and together we produced those lovely two boys, Jayden (9) & Elliott (5).

Nikki and I met at school a long, long time ago and after chasing for many years, I finally wore her down! We had children quite young but we wouldn’t change it for the world and we have been together for over 10 years now!

We started this blog as a Christmas present from me to log our crazy adventure of picking up a settled family and moving us all to another country. The move came from a desire to having more family time together, a desire for beach and sun time, getting rid of nasty commutes to work, and little bit of the “unknown” mixed in for good measure!!! Our moto is “seize the day”, there is no point looking back in retirement saying “let’s go on an adventure” WE WANT TO LIVE OUR LIVES TODAY!

We cannot promise our lives are going to be anywhere as exciting as other peoples, but we wanted to share what moving countries is like from everyone’s point of view not just the parents.


The Hallam’s up to now…

family move abroad timeline